10 European industry analysts worth watching

Analysts are both unbiased experts in their specific area, and influencers that many companies seeking services or products related will contact for recommendations, so they act as a new customer and business lead.

Not only do analysts research and write reports on businesses and industry trends, but they also interview company spokespeople, like journalists do, to learn more about them, their company and the service/product it is offering. One of the benefits of having a briefing with an analyst is that they have expert knowledge of your business area, so they can provide you with strategic guidance and you can ask them how they see what you are doing/offering fitting into that area, enabling you to make tweaks if needed for future success.

Journalists respect analysts so having an analyst mention you in a report or in one of their write-ups and guest pieces online is only going to boost your brand, as it’s like an expert endorsement. Having an analyst relations program running alongside PR activities is advised for giving your company the best results in terms of raising awareness of your brand, positioning it as a business to watch/follow and increasing your credibility.

These are our top 10 UK and EU-based technology industry analysts to connect with, in no particular or preferential order:


Bob Tarzey, Quocirca

Bob is a freelancer who had worked as an analyst at Quocirca for 16 years, where his main areas of coverage were IT security, operational intelligence, and on-demand services. Bob now covers route to market for ITC vendors to enterprises, the mid-market, small businesses, and the public sector. He continues to write regular columns, blogs, and analysis for various industry publications, from Computing and Computer Weekly to Infosecurity Magazine and Silicon.com. Bob also acts as a judge for industry awards.


Tony Lock, Freeform Dynamics

Tony is an IT operations guru, having been an IT manager before moving into industry analysis, who splits his time between London and Germany. Having joined Freeform Dynamics in 2007, Tony’s main area of interest is IT service delivery and he covers the diversity of solutions and approaches available to tackle key operational requirements. Tony is also involved in Freeform Dynamics’ Community Research Programme, looking at how needs are evolving within the IT and business community around IT service delivery.


Craig Wentworth, MWD Advisors

Craig is a Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors, particularly focused on how content management and collaboration technologies are changing through the adoption of cloud platforms, and how organisations use these technologies to drive knowledge-sharing and operational improvements. Having formerly had a series of roles ranging from consultant and practitioner to program director and strategic advisor in the commercial, not-for-profit and education sectors, Craig has a broad range of IT industry experience. He specialises in the cultural adoption of technology services and the effects of disruptive technologies though, with particular expertise in mobile, cloud platforms, and the Internet of Things.


Roy Illsley, Ovum

Roy has been an Ovum analyst for over 12 years and has more than 35 years’ IT experience to his name. The lead analyst for virtualization and cloud computing, Roy’s key areas of research include cloud computing, software-defined technologies, IT strategy, service management, and data-center technologies. He also advises on operational management, DevOps, automation, virtualization, VDI, and workspaces. Roy was the lead IT analyst on a £2.9bn company merger and the IT architect on a major RFID project.


Anthony Miller, TechMarketView

Anthony co-founded TechMarketView (TMV) and is its managing partner. He has over 40 years of experience in the IT industry, including having held various management positions with IBM and being an Ovum analyst before setting up TMV. Anthony is well known as an influential analyst and engaging commentator on the UK tech scene and he leads the Little British Battler and Great British Scaleup programmes supporting UK tech SMEs. He is also a Board Member of UK hi-tech industry association, techUK.


Henry Peyret, Forrester

Henry serves enterprise architecture (EA) professionals by helping them understand the concepts, techniques, and tools they need to support the digital business. His main areas of coverage are master data management, enterprise application integration, middleware, adapters, business activity monitoring, enterprise architecture tools, and open source and risks issues. His current research is focused on integration — both internal to a business and business to business — and data governance. Henry also has a separate research stream on how customers’ values affect companies and government.


Rob Smith, Gartner

Rob is a research director in Gartner’s Mobile and Client Computing group. He advises clients on all aspects of enterprise mobility and his research predominantly focuses on life-cycle management and security of mobile devices. Rob also covers emerging technology such as IoT, augmented and virtual reality, and wearable technology with a direct focus on how these technologies impact enterprises and how they can be used to improve business workflows.


Fran Howarth, Bloor

Fran specialises in the field of security, primarily information security, after having stumbled into information security through a chance assignment more than 30 years ago consulting on public key infrastructures. Although her main area of coverage is information security, Fran has a keen interest in physical security and how the two are converging. She focuses on the business needs for security technologies, looking at the benefits they gain from their use and how organisations can defend themselves against the threats that they face in an ever-changing landscape.


Philip Carter, IDC

Philip is a chief analyst for the European region and his main area of interest is software. Philip covers the infrastructure, middleware and applications software markets, and broader enterprise infrastructure software trends. He also reports on the impact of emerging technology areas such as Big Data, cloud, mobility and social, and how they relate to Europe and European businesses.


Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall

Dominique is the IT Services research director at NelsonHall. His main areas of coverage are application services, software testing, big data & analytics, and IoT, but outside of NelsonHall, Dominique covers news and opinions on the engineering and R&D services industry.

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