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The 10 hottest tech blog sites that accept guest posts

You are an expert in a technology field, with plenty to share, but where can you post your opinion to draw the right attention to your brand and drive traffic to your website? Guest posting on well-established tech sites that already have a high circulation in and related to your field of expertise is a…
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How Will Brexit Affect Technology Companies

There has been much in the news concerning the after effects of the UK leaving the European Union. It can be difficult to get a straight answer when the opposing factions for the Brexit debate are more interested in soundbites and personal rivalries than hard facts. The question for many technology companies is what will…
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The Scottish tech scene’s hottest stories from last week

The Scottish tech scene’s hottest stories from last week The Scottish tech scene is evolving at a rate of knots and it’s already been confirmed that Edinburgh is Scotland’s foremost tech hub so, having recently established an office near to this dynamic tech location, here are our four hot news stories from the past week:   Spherical projection specialist Pufferfish…
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Five things we think were hot at CES

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an internationally distinguished trade show featuring new and exciting electronic and technology products. It is arguably the biggest technology show attracting major companies and professionals from all over the world, companies such as Sony, Samsung and Intel all attend the trade show to exhibit their latest innovative products. Although…
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Scotland welcomes its new tech PR agency – Vitis PR

Last year we spoke about our ambition to open an office in Bonnie Scotland and this month we are very pleased to confirm that Vitis PR is bolstering its national client base with a brand new office North of the border – in Glenrothes, Fife to be exact. Why move? Our central location in the…
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PR predictions for 2015

1. The rise of the PR, search and social agency PR agencies are expected to grasp traditional and online media, as well as create communities on social media and manage social channels. Agencies will be expected to have the capabilities to run SEO and PPC campaigns also. 2. The demise of the traditional PR agency…
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Stories for M2M companies

Last week I supported a client at the Electronics Design Show and in our conversations with journalists the hottest topic they are reporting on is M2M or the Internet of Things. And this week, I had a client meeting in Germany about smart homes – again another potential story about connected devices. The opportunity is…
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B2B technology news round up Q1 2014

2014 has well and truly started and we can’t believe that Easter has been and gone and we're in May!  We had a fabulous first quarter with great coverage results thanks to tenacity, creative thinking, working closely with our clients and lots of time spent researching and talking to journalists! The first quarter has been…
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Awesome gadget that turns anything into a speaker

Today we received a Pocket Boom from our client online phone accessories retailer Mobile Fun. It’s great as by sticking it onto any surface it turns it into a speaker, so amplifying the sound from our iPhones. We tried it all over the office and our bookshelves and whiteboard did well, but best of all…
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Electric vehicles: cleantech dream or reality?

In our work on clean technology and automotive PR, we’ve been working Simon Wittenberg. Here’s a guest post written by Simon on the future of electric vehicles in the UK. 

I’m often asked when I think that there will be the mass adoption of the electric car, and I reply with the answer that the shift to zero-emission motoring has started, but the definitive timescale however remains an unknown. This is because there has never been such an important rival to the combustion engine, which has been powering the motorcar for over 100 years.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology, which was once the talk of the town as the future alternative to petrol or diesel power (it is on the road today in the form of the Honda FCX Clarity etc), has been left behind in the cleantech revolution race due to the high cost of this type of powertrain system coupled with it’s relative energy inefficiency, in favour of the hybrid (such as the Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200h models), and subsequently the arrival of the all-electric vehicle.

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