UK media monitoring services roundup

Every company likes to keep track of its media mentions. But how do you ensure that you have a copy of every single piece of coverage that your company has secured with journalists both online and in print? One way is to hire in a media monitoring service and these are four of the ones available:

1. Kantar Media

Kantar Media helps clients optimise their media strategies by providing them with the right information. The services that do this are built around core capabilities which can be adapted to different and changing needs. Each service provides a variety of ways to inform and improve decision making.

It measures corporate, PR and brand coverage to help clients gain a clear understanding of their profile and the impact of their communications and marketing activities across global news and social media. By monitoring and analysing relevant media and market developments, its integrated services help organisations make more informed decisions and to plan more effectively.

No pricing structure or information has been provided through our questions or via the website, so I guess that this is on a case by case basis.

2. Gorkana

The monitoring section of Gorkana stretches back to 1880 and has endured to this day. Gorkana’s price structure includes print, online news & broadcast monitoring as standard. To use its service requires a 12-month contract with 10 keywords included.

The monthly payment will break down as £250.00 per month for up to 50 articles per month, £350.00 per month for up to 100 articles per month and finally £440.00 per month for up to 150 articles per month. Gorkana’s online interface provides output charting for reporting back to your clients, broken down by day, week, month, client, keyword, media type, journalist and outlet.

The interface also provides AVE values, circulation values, self-evaluation tools for tagging: sentiment, key messages / impact measures / specific campaigns. On top of this it provides charting to show mentions, with the possibility to overlay with other metrics listed previously in this section and a tool to merge cuttings into 1 pdf file, generating a contents table on the first page.

Additionally, Gorkana focuses on providing "premium human reviewed monitoring" that maximises the accuracy / relevance and flexibility of the keyword briefs that it can deliver. Gorkana asks for a description of the keywords you are looking to monitor, as this is what its reader team uses to check whether the coverage is indeed regarding your client, which enables it to have 99.8% monitoring accuracy. Gorkana provides unlimited training on the platform it uses.

It has a large, dedicated monitoring support team that will quickly resolve any queries or apply changes to your brief. Gorkana Monitoring is a 24/7 operation, with a dedicated reader team that work on both day & night shifts, delivering critical coverage from national news at 8AM of the same day.


3. Vuelio

Vuelio is a full service PR Management and engagement firm focused on enabling communications professionals to easily manage all of their PR, whether they are an in-house team or an external agency, on behalf of their clients.

Vuelio offers companies a range of PR Management tools including a comprehensive media contacts database, media monitoring (Print, Online, Broadcast and Social Media) plus integrated analytics giving you the ability to evaluate and report across all of your coverage.

It provides coverage from all the major publications including paywall-restricted content, different monitoring for different media, so you can focus on brands in print and use unlimited flat fees for online and build your own archive, including searchable full text for copyright restricted articles. Prices are variable but for a monitoring solution across online and print you could expect a ballpark figure of between £3,000 - £5,000 per annum.

4. Press Data

Broadly speaking, Press Data tends to specialise in media monitoring, measurement and reporting for major corporates in the financial services, energy, food and drink sectors, as well as the UK Government.

Its difference to all other agencies is the high level of human research, editorial and account management that Press Data deploys. Press Data monitor all print, online, broadcast and social. It provides analytic tools via Press Data’s NewsPad platform, as well as bespoke reporting with its in-house evaluation team. In terms of pricing, Press Data would rather look at individual requirements and price each accordingly, so you would need to get in touch with them via for these details.

Figures were gathered in April 2016, so may have changed since then.

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