Which social media sites do SMEs’ use for business?

A recent infographic from Sage looked at how SMEs use social media and which sites they prefer for business. We were surprised to find that Facebook tops the list, with LinkedIn (perhaps the site most SMEs would use for business) coming second. Twitter was third, followed by Google+.

Interestingly, only seven per cent of SMEs have their own business blog. Surely, with the growth of SEO, businesses should be investing more into their own blogs but, according to this infographic, only seven per cent of the SMEs surveyed have their own – a truly astonishing fact to us!

Another result that surprised us was that 47 per cent of the SMEs still do not use social media at all, while seven per cent have the same social media account for both personal and professional purposes. Despite there being a certain draw to photos of your office and staff, why would stakeholders want personal pics of you – on holiday, with your family or out partying at the weekend? Always keep your business social media accounts professional!

Whether you’re keeping existing customers and potential stakeholders updated with your news and opinions or you’re using social media to attract new customers there is no longer any excuse not to have at least one of the B2B social media accounts. For us, Facebook is more B2C, but LinkedIN, Twitter and Google+ are essential sites for promoting your business and networking purposes. They also give you the opportunity to check out what competitors are doing which, in itself, is useful. How can you position your business as a thought leader if you don’t know what else is going on in the market or with other SMEs?

In addition to our blog, which you already know about since you’re reading this post, we have four other social media accounts that you can follow us on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

And let us know if there are any results in this infographic that you’ve been surprised by!


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