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PR webinars

Businesswire run a series of useful webinars on PR, including SEO for PR, press releases and the social web, how to optimise your press releases. These are great for PR agencies and in-house PR professionals. You don't have to be a client to watch the webinars.
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Photography PR tip

A great tool in a successful media relations is as simple as a picture; whether it’s used to tell a story or to catch the attention of an editor, a picture or photo can really enhance a press release and make it stand out from the competition.

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It’s snow joke! Using the weather in PR

So the UK is suffering from the effects of too much snow: black ice, gridlock, school closures, overstretched networks etc, etc.

Brits love weather related news. I put snow into Factiva today and looked through the first page’s results. Here are some of the mentions of companies, products or services that have got news coverage because of the snow:

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Public perception is very important

I met up with another PR executive from a Midlands PR agency on Friday and she was saying that it was definitely tough at the moment. From only taking retainer clients, they are now considering ad hoc projects which wasn't normal for them. I came back to my desk and did a bit of a search…
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The definition of PR

Today, I was explaining to someone that I work in PR, and they promptly replied that advertising doesn't work for them! 🙂

Oh dear, such is still the confusion between PR and advertising and no doubt a lot of other methods of promoting a company.

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What does editorial coverage in the Financial Times do for you?

Today we got one of our IT security clients into the Financial Times Digital Business supplement – this goes out with the FT every second Wednesday. So what does this mean to them? Well firstly, according to my media database, the FT reaches at least 429,381 people. Our client was mentioned along with the likes of…
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Useful Public Relations Advice and Tips websites

We get a lot of requests for Public Relations advice, so we put together our list of top useful PR related websites and links which give basic PR advice. As we’re a UK PR agency, a lot of the sites are from the UK and are aimed at SMEs and start ups. Click the name…
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