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How to make your case in the media

We've been really busy over the last week with new clients starting and dealing with existing clients, so we thought we'd share some more of Peter Bartram's common sense on how to make your case in the media:

Question: what have the following got in common – lawyer Shami Chakrabarti, doctor Vivienne Nathanson, architect (Lord) Richard Rogers? Of course, they’re all eminent professionals in one discipline or another. But
there’s more than that – they are all supremely expert at putting the views of the organisations they represent in the media.

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Integrated marketing communications

Our approach to integrated marketing communications provides customers with a way of managing their marketing communications programmes through a single point of contact. We work with you to develop the right strategy and plan, delivering on that plan through a broad range of agencies including: media buying agencies, designers, photographers, telemarketers and event management companies.
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Measurable results from public relations

Being able to show measurable results from your PR investment is important in demonstrating the value of your marketing programme.

At Vitis PR we track and monitor our performance on your campaigns, agreeing metrics and targets that are meaningful to you and tie in with your business goals.

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Video for PR

We've been working with a video company to produce some video content for news websites and get media and analysts' questions answered in video format.  It's great for the interviewer as their news story comes to life, and great for our clients as they get content they can spread virally which is more interesting than a standard update.

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Midlands PR agency – what types exist

We've been operating as a Midlands PR agency since 2006, so we're pretty new to the region. However, in that short time, we have tried to landscape the PR agency/PR consultancy sector here. Here are our basic intial thoughts and of course we recognise that all agencies are different, so we may not all fit…
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Media Revolution – BBC 2 programme

Last night saw the first of a three-part series from the Money Programme that looks at the revolution in newspapers, TV and book publishing called Media Revolution, Stop the Press. Info from BBC site: "Former national newspaper editor Janet Street-Porter investigates how papers are coping with falling circulation, advertising revenues and the growth of the internet, and asks if newspapers can survive in their current form.

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PR webinars

Businesswire run a series of useful webinars on PR, including SEO for PR, press releases and the social web, how to optimise your press releases. These are great for PR agencies and in-house PR professionals. You don't have to be a client to watch the webinars.
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Photography PR tip

A great tool in a successful media relations is as simple as a picture; whether it's used to tell a story or to catch the attention of an editor, a picture or photo can really enhance a press release and make it stand out from the competition.

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It’s snow joke! Using the weather in PR

So the UK is suffering from the effects of too much snow: black ice, gridlock, school closures, overstretched networks etc, etc.

Brits love weather related news. I put snow into Factiva today and looked through the first page's results. Here are some of the mentions of companies, products or services that have got news coverage because of the snow:

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