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Articles and tips on search engine optimisation (SEO).
We look at core SEO topics like linkbuilding, on-page optimisation, site architecture as well as how many aspects of SEO are closely linked to PR.
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Why is no-one buying from my website?

When you put your website together chances are that you did it as a way to generate more leads and increase your revenue. But what if you have found that your website isn’t doing as well as you hoped? You may wonder why  no-one is buying from my website? If you do, then it could…
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Is MOZ more important than circulation figures now?

So on the media database I use, I have started to see MOZ scores mentioned when the circulation figures are unavailable, so what's happening? First of all, some publications might not be comfortable giving out the circulation figures – they might have various reasons to do so - one of them might be that the…
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Five important things B2B tech companies need to know about SEO

Much has changed in the world of SEO. This evolution has forced the smart B2B marketers (B2B tech included) to take a step back and rethink their lead generation strategies. According to Google, following are the recent trends related to B2B tech companies: Almost 48% of customers discover B2B tech brand that they were not…
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The 10 hottest tech blog sites that accept guest posts

You are an expert in a technology field, with plenty to share, but where can you post your opinion to draw the right attention to your brand and drive traffic to your website? Guest posting on well-established tech sites that already have a high circulation in and related to your field of expertise is a…
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Why not hire a PR instead of an SEO expert?

PRs can tell stories and write good copy that people want to read and includes SEO links, while SEOs write copy with the primary purpose of securing links and the words don't always seem natural or sit well in an article or post. In our spare time, some of us at Vitis PR also write personal blogs…
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Is your website ready for Google’s responsive design rule changes?

Google announced back in February that a major update to its mobile search algorithm will go live today (Tuesday 21st April), which we believe will give a boost to the rankings of mobile-friendly site. We’re expecting a mobile-friendly designation on sites that work well on mobile devices and possibly an improvement in the ranking of…
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Seo case study: online software

How do you make an impression online when your competitors have been in business for decades and yours is a relatively new entrant to the market? That's the question Geeta Thomas, owner of cloud-based waste management software My Yard Software, was wrestling with. When we'd finished the project, Geeta was saying, "I'm really pleased with the hard…
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SEO software review – Advanced Web Rankings and Advanced Link Manager

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) The core of Caphyon’s AWR seo software is ranking data, it offers a wide range of options for tracking ranking of keywords against various search engines. In addition to the core ranking element, AWR contains keyword research and more general SEO analysis tools. Headline features Rank checking on hundreds of search engines…
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