Get the European Seal of e-Excellence 2013 – award open for technology and digital companies

Winning an award is not only an accolade that you and your colleagues can feel proud of, it is also a recognition of the excellence you have achieved and the promise for the journey to come. Our Seals of e-Excellence winners are proud of the success they have achieved and our recognition of it – why not apply to join them?

Enter the competition right now and submit your project / product / service to our 21 European jury members from ICT companies, clusters or associations. The period to apply for the European Seal of e-Excellence officially opened on 1 June 2012, and nominations will be accepted until 30 November 2012. Interested companies may apply online any time at the Seal website:

Benefits of Winners of the Seal of e-Excellence

– Publicly display and use the “European Seal of e-Excellence” logo in their own public relations and marketing programmes.

– Inclusion in the list of winners, including the company profiles on the Seal website.

– Blog articles, tweets and discussions about winners on the social web.

– Networking opportunities in the European Seal of e-Excellence Ceremony and in the Club of e-Excellence, the LinkedIn Group of Seal Winners.

– Business opportunities with the partners, the investors or the winners.


The Seal has been awarded annually since 2003 by the EMF – The Forum of e-Excellence and its Partner Associations at the yearly Seal Award Ceremony at CeBIT, the European trade show for the ICT industry, held in March in Hanover, Germany.

Dr. Margaretha Mazura, Secretary General of the EMF, points out:

“We currently face a major crisis that can only be overcome if Europe’s economy can grow and maintain its competitiveness globally. It is important that Europe’s digital industries – many of which are SMEs – are recognised for its innovativeness and outstanding growth performance, even under the current hard circumstances. Innovation provides the competitive edge, but sound marketing is needed more than ever to succeed. Apply for the Seal of e-Excellence and enhance your visibility in Europe and worldwide!”

EMF, the Forum of e-Excellence

The EMF ( is the umbrella organization for the European Seal of e-Excellence in collaboration with Partner organisations ( which provide local support in their respective areas.

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