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The ideal pitch to the press – part 2: timing

Last week we posted our first top tip on what to consider when targeting the media with a pitch. In addition to ensuring that your pitch is written in an informal, conversational tone, our second most important tip is all about timing awareness: 2. OBTRUSIVE TIMING: know before pitching when media deadlines are, as journalists...
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The ideal pitch to the press – part 1: talk don’t pitch

All too often PR professionals pitch ideas to journalists with no real thought to the story’s angle or how relevant it is for the journalist / media they’re pitching to. At Vitis, we make sure everything we send to the media is to the point so it doesn’t waste their time. Here, we give you the first of our simple, all-important top ten tips to consider when targeting the media with a pitch:

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Realwire’s campaign to reduce PR spam

Got this today from Realwire, sounds like it would be worth signing up to:

An Inconvenient PR Truth – a campaign to reduce PR spam

Near the end of last year we carried out surveys with recipients of press releases which focused on the extent to which the releases they receive from the PR Industry as a whole are relevant to them. The results were quite startling with 78 per cent of press releases received by the participants being irrelevant to them. In addition more than half of them had taken action to block a sender of releases due to irrelevance.

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